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With Preferred Maintenance, you'll get a great variety of indoor air products that will help to keep your home's indoor air quality at the standard that you expect.


Throughout the muggy summer days, the dry winter months, and the rest of the year, our Aprilaire indoor air quality products will help you breathe easier. Reduce pollen and other allergens as well as disease-causing bacteria. Aprilaire air cleaners are 94% efficient at removing bacteria as small as .35 microns.

Regulate your indoor air quality with our help

Ensure a constant humidity level in your home

Our Aprilaire dehumidifiers keep your entire home in your recommended comfort and health range. Our humidifiers help you avoid dry air and scratchy throats, itchy skin, damage to wooden furniture, and more. You can also get Aprilaire air cleaners that have patented technology for better performance.


If you also have heating and cooling needs, make sure to call us for the best systems, maintenance, and repairs. Our NATE certified team has over 30 years of experience, and you'll get great locally-owned service from us at all times.

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Breathe better by getting a new indoor air quality system

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