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For over 16 years, our locally-owned company has been a reliable source of not only complete HVAC systems, but also convenient thermostats. Get great products and wonderful service from our NATE certified team.


Our Honeywell Lyric thermostats are the best in the business, providing unparalleled reliability alongside wonderful features that will help to save you time, money, and effort.

Amazing thermostats that suit your busy lifestyle

Get remarkable, state-of-the-art features

Honeywell Lyric thermostats can be controlled by your smart phone or tablet. Geofencing technology uses your location to optimize savings, while Fine Tune takes indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity into account at all times. Honeywell thermostats also include decorative back plates, fan operators, motion sensored backlights, touch screens, and smart cues to remind you of maintenance needs.


Your new thermostat will work perfectly with a great heating or cooling system from us!

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Control your heating and

cooling systems from anywhere!

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  • Honeywell’s classic round design

  • 3’’ diameter polished glass face

  • 1” bevelled depth

  • Motion-sense illumination

  • Simplified touchscreen interface

  • User-friendly iconography

  • Geofencing automatically regulates temperature when you’re away

  • Fine tune considers temperature and humidity

  • Smart cues custom settings for recurring events

  • Motion-sensing display lights up on approach

  • Control from anywhere with your smart devices